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dragon or rider? (sorry idk what pole question means)

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dragon and riders Empty dragon and riders

Post by empressawsomenessamazing on Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:07 am

It was said that long, long ago humans and dragons quarred quite firecly. Humans came up with better methods of killing the dragons and the dragons resumed slaughtering the humans. It was said the first rider of dragons was a young woman, a priestess of her home.

Kikyo had found the dragon not far from the town. The creature was wounded and alone, obviously left behind. Still, the dragoness had been fierce and dangerous. The priestess had laid her palm on the beast's nose and spoke to it on a different plane. From their inner souls they spoke. And like that, the two bonded. Kikyo had healed the dragoness and together they brought peace.

Today the bonding of dragon isn't exactually an important event. The world isn't in danger. But people enjoy the bonds they make with dragons, enjoy being with the beasts. The human and the dragon can both read each other's souls and thus decide if they are a match or not. Not everyone bonds with their first dragon. Some never bond at all. And not all dragons choice to submit.

Dragons live far longer than humans. Their life span may stretch up to 500 years. There are exceptions to that though. Bonded dragons usually have the lifespan of the human they are tied to. If the dragon is already an adult the dragon's life span may wane some but can carry out to the wild dragon's life span. Elder dragons if bonded die with their masters. Baby and teen dragons usually care out with the human's life expancticy. The bond is deep and even if they could carry on few would want to lose the other and carry on.

Now, you are in this world of dragons and people. You are a ruller of the sky or one whose mind has evolved far above the other species around you. Everyone has their own story, own histroy, own desires, own ways. Will you make it?

/~\ Rules /~\

  • So first of all try not to make all dragons or just all humans. Make a mixture

  • You are allowed to have your own pairing though try to interact with others.

  • No PP, GM, or killing other user's characters without permission

/~\ Skeletons /~\






Craft: (Pretty much what you do)

Bonded?: (Are you connected with a dragon?)










Age: (Baby, teen, adult, ect)

Specialty: (Kind of what type of dragon they are)

Affliction with humans: (Bonded; to whom, waiting to be bonded, wild)

Color of scales: (Usually a decent teller of their specialty. Not always)





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dragon and riders Empty Re: dragon and riders

Post by Smystar99 on Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:47 pm


Name: Aura

Gender: Female

Age: Teen

Specialty: Blue and white fire

Affliction with humans: wild, but she`s waiting to be bonded to someone.

Color of scales: Blue with white tint.

Personalty: She`s fierce and stubborn. Even though she acts as if she could care less about humans, she wants a rider. It makes her jealous to see all the dragons with their riders and being spectacular. Though she`s been waiting for a long time and no human ever wants to challenge against her. They`re never compatible with her.

Looks:dragon and riders Blue_dragon_fantasy_by_dragonartist3

Other: N/A

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